About Steve MacAulay Photography

I am a native Seattle photographer specializing in adventure sports, adventure travel and lifestyle photography. Graphic, compelling compostions, bold colors and unique perspectives are highlights of my personal style. A lifelong outdoorsman and active participant in many of the sports I shoot, including rock climbing, mountain biking, sea kayaking and endurance sports, I have the experience and know-how to consistently be in the right spot at that all important "decisive moment". Regardless of the subject matter, I continually strive to bring my own personal perspective and imagination to the images I create, while carefully and methodically addressing my clients needs and vision for that particular shoot. Happiest with a camera in my hand, I split my photography time between studio work in Seattle, and traveling both near and far on assignments for editorial and commercial clients. Clients include: National Geographic Adventure, Islands Magazine, Sunset Magazine and Men's Journal.
Self Portrait